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August 21st - 25th
We will be running another of our ever-popular holiday clubs this summer!
What-A-Lott of fun! What-A-Lott of Brave Knights! What-A-Lott of Beautiful Princesses!
What-A-Great Watt-A-Lott Watt Family Adventure!

The Watt-A-Lott Holiday Club will look at what a knight needs to be a great hero and
ow God values all people of all kingdoms and longs for us to enter his courts with praise! 

Day 1: Endurance: A valiant knight has to have endurance. This means they will not give up, even when it gets tough!
Day 2: Heroic Courage: A valiant knight will boldly go and be courageous; brave; worthy; having the courage to stand for what is right!
Day 3: Be Loyal: A gallant knight will be loyal to his leader or king!
Day 4: Hope: A valiant knight never gives up, even when it looks hopeless! A true knight knows there is always hope! 
Day 5: Honour and thankfulness: A knight’s job is to serve his king and queen!

Children can come every day, or for as many days as they want, at Chipping Village Hall. There will be a small charge per child, to be confirmed. More details to follow :)
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Believers Batism ~
Show the world what your heart already knows - You belong to Jesus.
Speak to Pastor Andy if you wouyld like to discuss Baptism, there'll be plenty of opportunities in the future too

We have a new website! What do you think? We can upload sermons for you to listen to on-line or download for later and submit them to iTunes so you can subscribe to our podcast.
You can now very easily keep up with all that's going on at church by using our website calendar.
When you register to the website you will be given a username and password. When you log in to the site you will see at the top right an item called "Your Profile" where you can edit your details.
Our new website comes with an on-line Bible! Added by our new website provider ChurchInsight and powered by YouVersion.